Patient First Appointment

We have staff members available to make appointments and to answer questions five days a week.
The patient’s first visit to our office is called the Initial Evaluation. When you call to schedule this evaluation, please confirm that you would like a consultation appointment for oral sleep appliance therapy for sleep disordered breathing.
Dr. Inouye is devoting his practice to oral appliance therapy exclusively and is working in conjunction with Dr. Christine Hansen and Dr. Roberta Jurash.

As of January 2018, Dr. Randall Inouye is no longer accepting new patients for orthodontic treatment.

The office is open Monday through Friday. Patients are seen by appointment only Monday through Thursday. Please refer to the schedule under the Contact Us page.

For more information please call.
Randall Inouye, D.D.S., M.S.D.
416 Waverley St. Suite A
Palo Alto, CA 94301
Phone: (650) 321-3266

Palo Alto PARKING Details

We are sharing Dr. Christine Hansen’s office at 416 Waverley Street

No time restrictions on weekday evenings
No time restrictions on Saturdays
On Fridays there are 4 options:
Waverley St – 2 hr limit
Florence St – parking lot behind office bldg – 2 hr limit
Florence St – multi level parking structure – 3 hr limit
Kipling St – Parking lot behind 7 Eleven – 2 hr limit